Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
LSClient.ChangeConstraints Method

Requests new constraints to be applied on the overall data flow from the current Connection. The new limits override the limits requested with the connection operation or the last call to this method (a constraint not set means an unlimited constraint and may override a previous limiting constraint). They can only be used in order to restrict the constraints set by Lightstreamer Server Metadata Adapter. If the connection is not active, the call has no effect. 

The method is blocking; it returns only after receiving the Server answer upon the request submission.  


public: void ChangeConstraints(ConnectionConstraints constraints);
public virtual void ChangeConstraints(ConnectionConstraints constraints);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function ChangeConstraints(constraints As ConnectionConstraints) As void
ConnectionConstraints constraints 
Collects available constraints. It should not be null; to unset all constraints, use an empty structure, instead. A copy of the object is stored internally.  
in case of connection problems. 
in case of errors in the supplied parameters or in Server answer. In normal conditions, this exception should never happen.