Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
LSClient.BatchRequests Method

Signals that the next subscription and unsubscription requests can be accumulated and sent to Lightstreamer Server with a single connection. All the subsequent requests will be stopped until the declared number of requests has been accumulated. For this reason, subscription requests can be included in a batch only if they belong to separate threads; sequential requests cannot be processed in the same batch. Any subscribe* and unsubscribe* can be batched. Calls to ForceUnsubscribeTable are not batched. Batches are cumulative; if a call to BatchRequests is performed while a previous batch is still accumulating, the previous batch is extended. At connection closure, a pending batch is always aborted.

public: void BatchRequests(int batchSize);
public virtual void BatchRequests(int batchSize);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function BatchRequests(batchSize As Integer) As void
int batchSize 
number of incoming subscription and unsubscription requests that can be batched. A zero value means an unlimited number of requests (the batch must be closed by calling CloseBatch).  
if the connection is currently closed.