Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
LSClient.ChangeSubscription Method

Dynamically changes subscription parameters on a table previously subscribed to the Server. The new parameters override the ones requested with the subscription operation or the last call to this method. No notification to the table listener is available for this operation. 

The server may refuse to apply certain constraints under specific conditions, for example when changing the max frequency of an unfiltered subscription. In these cases a PushServerException will be raised. 

The method is blocking; it returns only after receiving the Server answer upon the request submission. This kind of request is not included in a batch. 


public: void ChangeSubscription(SubscribedTableKey tableKey, SubscriptionConstraints constraints);
public virtual void ChangeSubscription(SubscribedTableKey tableKey, SubscriptionConstraints constraints);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function ChangeSubscription(tableKey As SubscribedTableKey, constraints As SubscriptionConstraints) As void
SubscribedTableKey tableKey 
Handle to a table as returned by a subscribe* call.  
SubscriptionConstraints constraints 
Collects available constraints. It should not be null.  
if the supplied table is not currently subscribed. This occurs also if the table has already been unsubscribed or the connection has already been closed; this may not be a problem from the client's point of view. 
in case of connection problems. In this case, the request may or may not have been fulfilled by the Server. 
in case the Server refuses the request.