Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
LSClient.CloseBatch Method

Closes a pending batch. If a batch size was declared and the current batch is still accumulating requests, the current set of requests is sent the same to Lightstreamer Server, while further requests will not be batched. The client can call this in order to overcome a possible error in sending a batch of requests, since, if less than the declared requests were performed, all requests would be blocked until the declared number of requests has been reached. Calling CloseBatch is always safe; however, since batched requests are blocked until completion of the batch, there is no guarantee that all previously performed requests have already been added to the batch at the time CloseBatch is issued. 

The method is not blocking; all batched requests are performed asynchronously. Note that the threads that have issued the batched subscription requests are currently waiting for them to be completed.  


public: void CloseBatch();
public virtual void CloseBatch();
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function CloseBatch() As void