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Class SchemaListDescriptor


class SchemaListDescriptor
extends SchemaDescriptor

A schema descriptor that specifies a schema through a list of field names. A descriptor of this type requires that the default Metadata Adapter (i.e. the LiteralBasedProvider) or a compatible one is used on the Server. This ensures that the encoded field name list is correctly interpreted on the Server side.
Note that directly passing an Array object is supported, as a shorthand for a SchemaListDescriptor, by all interface methods that require a SchemaDescriptor object.

Defined in lspushpage.js

Constructor Summary
SchemaListDescriptor (<Array> fieldNames)
            Creates a schema descriptor object that specifies a schema through a list of field names.
Method Summary
 Array getList()
           Inquiry method that gets the list of field names specified by this schema descriptor.

Constructor Detail


SchemaListDescriptor(<Array> fieldNames)

Method Detail


Array getList()

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