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Class RowInfo


class RowInfo

Contains all the information related to a row pertaining to a ScrollTable or MetapushTable that is about to be displayed in a screen table. In these cases, the same data row can be displayed more than once on different cells, because of scrolling operations. Each time, a call to the "onRowUpdate" event handler is issued and a RowInfo instance is supplied. Specifically, for each row it supplies:

The class constructor, its prototype and any other properties should never be used directly; actually, RowInfo is not even defined as a global name.
Defined in lspushpage.js


Constructor Summary
RowInfo ()
            Used by Lightstreamer to provide a value object to each call of the various onRowUpdate event handlers.
Method Summary
 String getCellValue(<FieldDescriptor> field)
           Inquiry method that gets the formatted value for a specified field.
 String getServerValue(<FieldDescriptor> field)
           Inquiry method that gets the value for a specified field.

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


String getCellValue(<FieldDescriptor> field)


String getServerValue(<FieldDescriptor> field)

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