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Class Lightstreamer


class Lightstreamer

Contains all the public objects, classes and functions. Public aliases for these objects, classes and functions, directly attached to the "window" object, are also provided, unless the window.Lightstreamer.avoidLSGlobals flag is used.
Only the global aliases are reported in this API documentation. Note that, for some classes that are not meant to be instantiated directly, global aliases are not provided anyway; however, for simplicity, they are still documented with global names.
Defined in lscommons.js

Field Summary
<static>  boolean avoidLSGlobals
          Set this flag to true between the inclusion of the lscommons.js and lspushpage.js script tags to avoid that the Lightstreamer library places its classes under the global namespace (that is, attached to the window object).
Constructor Summary
Lightstreamer ()
            Used by Lightstreamer to create a global "window.Lightstreamer" object that contains all the public objects, classes and functions.

Field Detail


<static> boolean avoidLSGlobals

Constructor Detail



HTML Client 5.0.1

Lightstreamer HTML Client API
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