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Class ItemPositionDescriptor


class ItemPositionDescriptor
extends ItemDescriptor

An item descriptor that specifies an item withing a group by item position. This type of descriptor is the only one supported if the related group has been specified by using a GroupIdDescriptor or a group identifier.
Note that directly passing a Number object (or a String object that evaluates to a number) is supported, as a shorthand for an ItemPositionDescriptor, by all interface methods that require an ItemDescriptor object.
Defined in lspushpage.js

Constructor Summary
ItemPositionDescriptor (<Number> itemPos)
            Creates an item descriptor object that specifies an item by position within the related group.
Method Summary
 Number getPosition()
           Inquiry method that gets the item position specified by this item descriptor.

Constructor Detail


ItemPositionDescriptor(<Number> itemPos)

Method Detail


Number getPosition()

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