Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
LSClient.SubscribeTable Method (SimpleTableInfo, IHandyTableListener, bool)

Subscribes to a table through the Server. 

The table is specified by group name and schema name. Specific item and field names have to be determined by the Metadata Adapter. 

A fully-featured listener interface is provided. However, specific items and fields are identified to the listener only by positional information, as item and field names are not known. 

A distinct listener must be used for any distinct call. 

The method is blocking; it returns only after receiving the Server answer upon the request submission; in case a batch is open, this will happen only upon the execution of the batch.  


public: SubscribedTableKey SubscribeTable(SimpleTableInfo table, IHandyTableListener listener, bool commandLogic);
public virtual SubscribedTableKey SubscribeTable(SimpleTableInfo table, IHandyTableListener listener, bool commandLogic);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function SubscribeTable(table As SimpleTableInfo, listener As IHandyTableListener, commandLogic As bool) As SubscribedTableKey
SimpleTableInfo table 
Contains the specification and request parameters of the table to subscribe to. A copy of the object is stored internally.  
IHandyTableListener listener 
Receives notification of data updates and subscription termination.  
bool commandLogic 
If true, enables the management of item values in "COMMAND logic", as specified in IHandyTableListener. This requires that the items are subscribed to in COMMAND mode or behave equivalently. This also requires that the special "key" and "command" fields are the first and second field in the schema, respectively. 

A handle to the subscribed table, to be used for unsubscription.

if the connection is closed. 
in case of connection problems. 
in case of errors in the supplied parameters or in Server answer. In normal conditions, this exception should never happen. 
in case the Server has refused the connection request because of the constraints imposed either by the Metadata Adapter or by Server configuration.