Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
PushUserException Class

Thrown in case the Server refuses to satisfy a request because of the constraints imposed by the Metadata Adapter or by Server configuration. A detailed error code is supplied. Both the error code and the message are received from the Server. In particular: 

- A positive error code is issued by the Server after checking the request against the constraints imposed by the Metadata Adapter or by its own configuration. See the text protocol documentation for a reference of the error codes that can be issued in response to the operation performed (i.e. stream/poll, subscription, or synchronous sendMessage request). 

- A zero or negative error code is issued directly by the Metadata Adapter because of capability restrictions that may be applied to the specific user. 


public: class PushUserException : public ClientException;
public class PushUserException : ClientException;
Visual Basic
Public Class PushUserException
Inherits ClientException