Web Client 8.1.0-beta3



Used internally by the library to produce "real" log messages in the log generated by the internal classes. If this class is not included in the generated library, only codes will be printed.
Note that if the library is used in the AMD version then it may be necessary, depending on the AMD implementation in use, to require this class to make the "real" log messages appear in the log.
It is suggested not to import this class unless a client log is needed for debugging purposes.
It is possible to include this class in a JavaScript application to programmatically obtain a log message associated to a given log code exploiting the LogMessages.getMessage method.


new LogMessages()

This is a fake constructor that should not be used.


(static) getMessage(id)

Given a log code as generated by a library running without the LogMessages module, this method can be used to extract the associated log message.

Name Type Description
id Number

The id of the essage to be extracted.