SDK for Silverlight Clients Usage Instructions
1.4.2 build 1012 (dll version 1.4.6549.19417 - Strong Name dll version 1.4.6549.19418)
Compatible with Lightstreamer Server since 6.0.
Compatible with code developed with the previous version.
Released on 20 Dec 2017

This SDK includes the resources needed to make any Silverlight-based application a direct Client of Lightstreamer Server, in order to get real-time streaming data.

The Silverlight Client Library exposes a simple interface to enable applications to communicate with Lightstreamer Server, by opening and closing a connection, performing subscriptions and unsubscriptions and receiving data.

Applications access Library services by creating an object of type Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.LSClient. Each LSClient object manages a private connection to Lightstreamer Server.

The Silverlight Client Library is a porting of the old Lightstreamer .NET Client Library and is packaged as a standard .NET DLL.

A version of the library DLL identified with a "strong name" is also provided. Note that the included version number may be slightly different than the SDK version reported above.

Get the libraries from the links below:

The Silverlight Client Library is compatible with Silverlight environment version 3 or newer.