Lightstreamer Silverlight Client 1.4.2
SubscriptionConstraints.MaxFrequency Property

Maximum update frequency constraint; a 0 value means that no frequency limit should be set. It can only be used in order to lower the frequency granted by the Metadata Adapter. If not set, or negative, then no change of the update frequency constraint is requested; the case is useless, but reserved for future extensions. 

The update frequency limit is obeyed only for MERGE, DISTINCT and COMMAND Items mode; in the latter case, the limit only applies to consecutive UPDATE events for the same key value. 

If unfiltered dispatching has been requested for the Items, the change will be refused. 

Edition Note: Note that a further global could also be imposed by the Server, depending on Edition and License Type; this specific limit also applies to RAW mode and to unfiltered dispatching. 


public: __property double MaxFrequency;
public double MaxFrequency;
Visual Basic
Public Property MaxFrequency() As double