Lightstreamer Silverlight Client 1.4.2
SimpleTableInfo.RequestedBufferSize Property

The requested size for the Server ItemEventBuffer for all the items in the table; a 0 value stands for an unlimited buffer while a -1 value stands for an unspecified limit. If not specified, a 1 element buffer is meant if mode is MERGE and an unlimited buffer is meant if mode is DISTINCT. However, the real Server buffer size can be limited by the Metadata Adapter. The buffer size can be specified only for MERGE and DISTINCT Items mode. It is ignored if RequestedUnfilteredDispatching() is also set.

public: __property int RequestedBufferSize;
public virtual int RequestedBufferSize;
Visual Basic
Public virtual Property RequestedBufferSize() As Integer
thrown when trying to set a buffer size that is not compatible with the supplied subscription mode.