Lightstreamer Silverlight Client 1.4.2
SimpleTableInfo.DataAdapter Property

The name of the Data Adapter (within the Adapter Set used by the current session) that supplies all the items in the Group. If not specified, the "DEFAULT" name is used. A null value is also equivalent to the "DEFAULT" name. 

The Data Adapter name is configured on the server side through the "name" attribute of the "data_provider" element, in the "adapters.xml" file which defines the Adapter Set (a missing attribute configures the "DEFAULT" name). 

Note: If more than one Data Adapter is needed to supply all the items in a set of items, then it is not possible to group all the items of the set in a single logical table. Multiple logical tables have to be defined. 


public: __property string DataAdapter;
public virtual string DataAdapter;
Visual Basic
Public virtual Property DataAdapter() As string