Lightstreamer Silverlight Client 1.4.2
LSClient.UnsubscribeTable Method

Unsubscribes from a table previously subscribed to the Server. If the request fails, the table has been unsubscribed anyway. 

The method is blocking; it returns only after receiving the Server answer upon the request submission. In case a batch is open, this will happen only upon the execution of the batch.  


public: void UnsubscribeTable(SubscribedTableKey tableKey);
public virtual void UnsubscribeTable(SubscribedTableKey tableKey);
Visual Basic
Public virtual Function UnsubscribeTable(tableKey As SubscribedTableKey) As void
SubscribedTableKey tableKey 
Handle to a table as returned by a subscribe* call.  
if the supplied table is not currently subscribed. This occurs also if the table has already been unsubscribed or the connection has already been closed; this may not be a problem from the client's point of view. 
in case of connection problems. In this case, a zombie subscription will probably remain in the Server. 
in case of errors in the supplied parameters or in Server answer. In this case, a zombie subscription may remain in the Server. In normal conditions, this exception should never happen.