Lightstreamer Silverlight Client 1.4.2
ConnectionInfo.PollingIdleMillis Property

Maximum time the Server is allowed to wait for updates in case none are available at connection time and a polling connection has been requested. A zero value leads to a classical polling behaviour, while a nonzero value leads to an "asynchronous polling", also known as smart polling, behaviour. Typically, a nonzero value for this attribute is associated with a zero value for the "PollingMillis" attribute. 

Note: since the Server, while waiting for an update, needs to keep a socket and a session active, even if the client has already closed the connection on its side, the Server may force a shorter wait. 

The default setting is 30000 (30 seconds). 


public: __property long PollingIdleMillis;
public long PollingIdleMillis;
Visual Basic
Public Property PollingIdleMillis() As long