Lightstreamer PCL (Portable Class Libraries) Client 3.0.0
MessageInfo.MessageInfo Constructor (string, string, int)

Create an object to be used to send a message to a Lightstreamer Server. 

The object can be supplied to LSClient.SendMessage in order to be forwarded to the server 


public: MessageInfo(string message, string sequence, int delayTimeout);
public MessageInfo(string message, string sequence, int delayTimeout);
Visual Basic
Public Sub New(message As string, sequence As string, delayTimeout As Integer)
string message 
A text String to be interpreted by the Metadata Adapter. It should not be null. 
string sequence 
The sequence identifier for this message.
Messages pertaining to the same sequence are guaranteed to be processed by the server in order. The position of the message in the sequence is given by the LSClient.SendMessage method.
If sequential management is undesired, the special UNORDERED_MESSAGES sequence identifier can be used.
A sequence can be composed only of alphanumeric characters and underscores.
int delayTimeout 
The timeout the Server should wait in case of a hole in the sequence's progressive before declaring the previous message as lost.
The Server may, however, impose a lower limit on the timeout, in order to protect itself.
A 0 timeout can be set meaning that the Server will not wait at all for missing messages.
When UNORDERED_MESSAGES sequence is used this timeout is ignored by the server.
If a negative value is supplied, the Server will use a timeout based on its own configuration.
in case a null message is specified or the given sequence name is invalid.