Lightstreamer OS X Client  2.0.1
Native OS X Client library for Lightstreamer
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C<LSClientDelegate>Protocol to be implemented to receive LSLightstreamerClient events comprehending notifications of connection activity and errors
 C<LSClientMessageDelegate>Protocol to be implemented to receive LSLightstreamerClient::sendMessage events reporting a message processing outcome
 CLSConnectionDetailsUsed by LSLightstreamerClient to provide a basic connection properties bean
 CLSConnectionOptionsUsed by LSLightstreamerClient to provide an extra connection properties bean
 CLSConsoleLoggerConcrete logger class to provide logging on the system console
 CLSConsoleLoggerProviderSimple concrete logging provider that logs on the system console
 CLSItemUpdateContains all the information related to an update of the field values for an item
 CLSLightstreamerClientFacade class for the management of the communication to Lightstreamer Server
 C<LSLogger>Interface to be implemented to consume log from the library
 C<LSLoggerProvider>Simple interface to be implemented to provide custom log consumers to the library
 CLSSubscriptionClass representing a Subscription to be submitted to a Lightstreamer Server
 C<LSSubscriptionDelegate>Interface to be implemented to receive LSSubscription events comprehending notifications of subscription/unsubscription, updates, errors and others