SDK for JMX Extensions CHANGELOG
1.1.1 build 172
Compatible with JMS Extender since 2.0.0
Released on 1 Oct 2020

Removed undefined results appearing when using the search box from the API documentation pages.

1.1.0 build 171
Compatible with JMS Extender since 2.0.0
May not be compatible with custom managers for the previous version
Released on 11 May 2020

Removed the SDK from the Lightstreamer JMS Extender distribution package. See the SDK.TXT file in the package root for more details.

Embedded Lightstreamer JMX Extension SDK version 5.5.4: see the related changelog for details.

Removed erroneous three-digit precision specifications from some methods returning a value of type Double.

Fixed minor typos.

Revised javadoc formatting style.

1.0 build 75
Compatible with JMS Extender since 1.5
Released on 3 Nov 2015

First public release.