SDK for Flex Clients Usage Instructions
2.2.1 build 105
Compatible with Lightstreamer Server since 6.0.
Compatible with code developed with the previous version.
Released on 20 Dec 2017

This SDK includes the resources needed to make a Flex application a direct Client of Lightstreamer Server.

The Flex Library exposes a simple ActionScript interface to enable a Flex application to communicate with Lightstreamer Server.

Get the swc here.

The library also provides support for Action Message Format (AMF) for data encoding. A "Hello World" tutorial on the use of the AMF support can be found on GitHub here.

The provided library is compiled with Flex 4 version SDK and can be included in projects to be compiled with the Flex SDK version 4 or higher.

Resume of requirements:

  • Flex 4 SDK or newer
  • ActionScript 3
  • Flash Player 10 or newer