Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

com.lightstreamer.as_client.errors A ConfigurationError exception is thrown when an unexpected parameter or parameter value is passed to a configuration method.
 ConnectionDropEvent Dispatched whenever a Connection or the whole session is closed because of a Server decision.
com.lightstreamer.as_client ConnectionInfo collects the parameters related to a connection to Lightstreamer Server.
com.lightstreamer.as_client ConnectionPolicy collects the timeouts used for the connections to Lightstreamer Server..
 ControlConnectionErrorEvent Dispatched whenever a connection error occurs during a control connection, i.e.
 DataErrorEvent Dispatched whenever an update received from the Server could not be processed, because of an unexpected error in the data flow or a runtime exception. In principle, Flex environment specific resource limits may be hit because of a very huge data flow. This notification should never occur in a normal case.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.logger The DataGridAppender is a simple LoggerListener implementation that extends the ArrayCollection class.
 EndOfSnapshotEvent Dispatched whenever no more snapshot events are coming for an item.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.errors A FieldError exception is thrown when an invalid field is requested to a method.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.item_renderers ItemRenderer class to be used to highlight cells on value changes.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.logger The flex client library internal logging is based on both the native mx.logging interface and the com.lightstreamer.as_client.logger interface.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.logger LoggerListener is the interface to be implemented for an object to be used as a listener for the Logger class.
 LostUpdatesEvent Dispatched whenever one or more updates are suppressed in the Server because of internal memory limitations.
com.lightstreamer.as_client LSClient is the engine that manages the communication with Lightstreamer Server.
 LSClientEvent Base class for any event related to LSClient.
com.lightstreamer.as_client A Message object that will be sent to a Lightstreamer Server through a call to LSClient.sendMessage().
 NonVisualItemUpdateEvent Dispatched whenever an update pertaining to an item in the NonVisualTable reaches the client.
com.lightstreamer.as_client A data table that will be fed with real-time data delivered by Lightstreamer Server.
 SendMessageAbortEvent Carries a Client-originated notification of a problem which prevents the processing outcome of a Message sent through LSClient.sendMessage() from being received.
 SendMessageErrorEvent Carries a Server-originated notification of an error which prevented the correct handling of a Message sent through LSClient.sendMessage().
 SendMessageEvent Base class for any event related to a sendMessage call.
 SendMessageProcessedEvent Carries the notification of the successful processing of a Message sent through LSClient.sendMessage().
 ServerErrorEvent Dispatched whenever the Server returns an error in response to a stream/poll connection.
 StatusChangeEvent Dispatched whenever the connection status changes.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.errors A SubscriptionError exception is thrown during subscription/unsubscription operations.
 SubscriptionErrorEvent Dispatched whenever the Server notifies an error which prevents the subscription request performed by the related table from being accomplished; as a consequence, the table will receive no data.
 SubscriptionEvent Dispatched whenever a subscription request has been accomplished, before the related updates are received.
com.lightstreamer.as_client Table is an interface whose implementations contain the specification of a data table to subscribed to.
 TableEvent Base class for any event related to Table.
 TableItemEvent Base class for any Table-related event pertaining to a specific item.
com.lightstreamer.as_client.logger The TraceAppender is a simple LoggerListener implementation that writes log lines received from the loggers to which it was added through the "trace" method supplied by Flash.
 UnsubscriptionEvent Dispatched whenever all the items in the table are unsubscribed from.
com.lightstreamer.as_client A data table that will be fed with real-time data delivered by Lightstreamer Server and that can be set as the "dataProvider" property to any instance of mx.controls.listClasses.ListBase (or subclasses).