SDK for Flash Clients Usage Instructions
1.3 build 53
Compatible with Web (Unified API) Client SDK since 6.1 up to 7.2.
Compatible with code developed with the previous version.
Released on 24 Jan 2020

This SDK includes the resources needed to make a Flash movie a Client of Lightstreamer Server.

Any Flash application can be fed with real-time data delivered by Lightstreamer Server. The integration strategy used by this SDK is based on a JavaScript/ActionScript bridge.

The standard Lightstreamer Web (Unified API) Client Library is used to implement a page that will contain the Flash application and feed it through a LightstreamerClient object. The library includes a bridge module.

Then the library provided by this SDK should be included inside the Flash movie to enable the communication with the LightstreamerClient object in the hosting page.

The following diagram shows the data flow from Lightstreamer Server to the Flash application:

    Page   Flash movie
LS Server ---> LS core Web Client ---> JS Bridge module ---> LS AS Bridge ---> Flash App

On the hosting page, Web (Unified API) Client Library version up to 7.2.0 is needed. Later versions no longer support this SDK.

The SDK for Web Clients (Unified API) resorces can be found as part of Lightstreamer 7.0 distribution.

This is the direct link to the SDK resources.