Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
ILoggerProvider.GetLogger Method

Request for an ILogger instance that will be used for logging occuring on the given category. It is suggested, but not mandatory, that subsequent calls to this method related to the same category return the same ILogger instance. 


ILogger GetLogger(string category);
ILogger GetLogger(string category);
Visual Basic
Function GetLogger(category As string) As ILogger
string category 
the log category all messages passed to the given ILogger instance will pertain to. The following categories are possible:
logs socket activity on Lightstreamer Server connections;
at INFO level, socket operations are logged;
at DEBUG level, read/write data exchange is logged.

logs requests to Lightstreamer Server and Server answers;
at INFO level, requests are logged;
at DEBUG level, request details and events from the Server are logged.

logs Server Session lifecycle events;
at INFO level, lifecycle events are logged;
at DEBUG level, lifecycle error details are logged.

logs subscription requests received by the clients and the related updates;
at WARN level, alert events from the Server are logged;
at INFO level, subscriptions and unsubscriptions are logged;
at DEBUG level, requests batching and update details are logged.

An ILogger instance that will receive log lines related to the given category.