Lightstreamer .Net Standard Client 4.0.0
IConnectionListener Methods

The methods of the IConnectionListener class are listed here.

Notification that the connection is stalled or that the connection is working again after being notified as stalled. A connection is considered stalled in two cases:
- When nothing has been received on the connection for more than the "ProbeWarningMillis" timeout configured on the ConnectionInfo. In this case, if the connection is notified as stalled and nothing is received for more than the "ProbeTimeoutMillis" timeout configured on the ConnectionInfo, then the connection is forcibly closed with an onFailure notification.
- When the socket gets interrupted and the consequent automatic attempt of recovering the session is in place. The... more 
Notification of the closure of the Connection. It may be caused by a CloseConnection call or by an unrecoverable error. There is no guarantee that calls to this listener will not be followed by further calls on some listener related to a table subscribed within the connection. Such extra calls should be ignored.  
Notification of the opening of the connection to the Server. 
Notification that a block of data received from the Server could not be correctly interpreted. The implementation may consider this as a severe problem and open a new connection. In normal operation, this should not happen.  
Notification of the closure of the Connection because of a Server decision. Upon this notification, it is possible to perform custom recovery actions, such as trying a reconnection; however, it may be advisable not to try a new connection immediately.  
This is the overview for the OnFailure method overload. 
Notification of the reception of a data event or a keepalive message from the Server. The number of bytes of data in the message payloads are also notified, for statistical purposes. Note that keepalive messages bring no data bytes.  
Notification that a session has been started by the Server on the connection.