SDK for BlackBerry Clients Usage Instructions
1.1.2 build 17
Compatible with Lightstreamer Server since 6.0.
Compatible with code developed with the previous version.
Released on 20 Dec 2017

This SDK includes the resources needed to develop a BlackBerry application that works as a client of Lightstreamer Server.

BlackBerry 7

The SDK provides a jar library to be included in BlackBerry applications.

The library is designed for BlackBerry up to version 7.

You may unjar this file in order to pack its classes with your own in a new jar.

Get the jar here.

BlackBerry 10

In order to make a BlackBerry 10 application a client of Lightstreamer Server, to get real-time streaming data, there is no dedicated library.

Instead, the Flex, Web (Unified API), old Android, and Android (Unified API) Client Libraries can be exploited to prepare applications to be run on a BlackBerry 10 device.

To show how this can be achieved, we provide, on GitHub, three simple applications, one per technology: