Interface ItemEvent

  • public interface ItemEvent
    Provides to the Data Adapter a base interface for creating ItemEvents in order to send updates to Lightstreamer Kernel. An ItemEvent object contains the new values and, in some cases, the current values of the Fields of an Item. The interfaces OldItemEvent, IndexedItemEvent and java.util.Map may also be used to define events. Events of all these kinds may be freely mixed, even if they belong to the same Item.

    All implementation methods must execute fast and must be nonblocking. All information needed to extract data must be provided at object construction. If the implementation were slow, the whole update delivery process, even for different sessions, would be slowed down.
    See Also:
    ItemEventListener, OldItemEvent, IndexedItemEvent
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      java.util.Iterator getNames()
      Returns an iterator to browse the names of the supplied Fields, expressed as String.
      java.lang.Object getValue​(java.lang.String name)
      Returns the value of a named Field (null is a legal value too).
    • Method Detail

      • getNames

        java.util.Iterator getNames()
        Returns an iterator to browse the names of the supplied Fields, expressed as String. If the Item to which this ItemEvent refers has been subscribed by setting the needsIterator flag as false, the method can return a null value.
        an iterator, or null.
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      • getValue

        java.lang.Object getValue​(@Nonnull
                                  java.lang.String name)
        Returns the value of a named Field (null is a legal value too). Returns null also if the Field is not reported in the ItemEvent.
        Any value can be expressed as either a byte array or a String:
        • If a value is supplied as a byte array, it will be considered as an ISO-8859-1 (ISO-LATIN-1) representation of a string, so that the clients will be able to receive the value as a string object. A special case is that of binary representations of AMF objects, which can be received by the Flex Client Library in binary form. As another special case, the mandatory fields for COMMAND Mode, named "key" and "command", cannot be supplied as byte arrays.
        • If a value is supplied as a String, it will be received as an equivalent string object by the client. This, however, involves an internal conversion to a byte array in order to send the update; this makes supplying values as String less efficient than supplying them as byte arrays, though the latter method is restricted to the ISO-8859-1 (ISO-LATIN-1) character set.
        Lightstreamer Kernel will call this method at most once for each Field (unless events logging is enabled) and may not call this method at all for some Fields. So, if performing any data conversion is required in order to extract Field values, it may be convenient to do it on demand rather than doing it in advance.
        name - A Field name.
        a String or a byte array containing the Field value, or null.
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